Mobil Super™ products

Mobil Super™, our premium engine oil line, offers proven protection to help extend engine life. 

Formulated to fight sludge and protect against wear, Mobil Super oils help to keep you on the road longer. With all the places you have to go, you’ll need to count on your car running smoothly for years to come.
  • Mobil Super 15W-50

    An extra high performance motor oil for all types of vehicles, providing ultimate engine protection up to 5000 KM. The heat activated anti-wear molecule protects your engine against wear and corrosion, ensuring long engine life.

  • Mobil Super Synthetic Formula B 5W-40

    Mobil Super™ Synthetic Formula B 5W-40  is a full synthetic high-performance motor oil, which provides excellent high temperature protection even under severe operating conditions.