Wide range of hydraulic fluids protect effectively pumps and other critical components of hydraulic systems , providing high hydraulic efficiency, very good wear protection and keep-clean performance.

  • Mobil Hydraulic 10W

    Mobil™ Hydraulic 10W

    This product is suitable where hydraulic systems containing gears and bearings where good anti-wear properties are required. It could be used in older equipment where API CD, API SF, Eaton 35VQ25 are mentioned.

  • Mobil Hydraulic AW

    Mobil™ Hydraulic AW

    Mobil™ Hydraulic AW Series oils are good quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications, subjected to moderate operating conditions and requiring anti-wear lubricants.

  • Mobil DTE 20 Ultra

    Mobil DTE™ 20 Ultra

    These oils are high performance HLP type anti-wear hydraulic oils with extended oil life capabilities and have demonstrated up to 2 times longer oil drain intervals versus similar competitive oils with a viscosity index around 100 and a zinc-based anti-wear system - meeting at least ISO 11158 (L-HM) and/or DIN 51524-2 (HLP type).

  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel

    Mobil DTE™ 10 Excel

    High performance HVLP type anti-wear hydraulic oils specifically designed to meet the needs of modern, high pressure mobile equipment hydraulic systems. It provides higher hydraulic efficiency versus conventional hydraulic fluids (up to 6% versus old generation of Mobil DTE 20 products). Mobil DTE 10 Excel also demonstrated the value of its high viscosity index and outstanding shear stability by operating successfully in temperatures as low as -34°C and by maintaining ISO viscosity grade.

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