GM engine oil

General Motors Egypt (GM Egypt) is an Egyptian joint stock company established under the Egyptian Investment Law in 1983 and was one of the first industrial facilities back then. GM Egypt has .teadily progressed to become the leader in the Egyptian automotive market
The company started production in 1985 by assembling and manufacturing Chevrolet pickup and light -duty trucks, minibuses and passenger vans as well as Chevrolet passenger vehicles. Production began with commercial vehicles followed by passenger cars, with emphasis on disciplined following of the Production and Quality standards. 
Since its inception in 1983 GM Egypt has launched a number of Chevrolet vehicles in the Egyptian market. GM Egypt is always keen to lighten the Egyptian market with new unique launches, the most recent of which is the Chevrolet Equinox SUV. This in addition to our current commercial models the pickup truck “Dabbabah” single Cab, light-duty trucks range “Jumbo” and our current passenger models Chevrolet Lanos, Aveo, Optra and N300 “Move”. GM Egypt proudly leads the Egyptian automotive market for the past 11 years.
Today, GM Egypt employs around 1,400 employees. Every employee is committed to achieving the company’s goals in terms maintaining its leadership in the industry by ensuring that customer satisfaction plans, quality plans, production plans & market share plans are met. Today, more than 820,000 thousand vehicles rolled off the production line at GM Egypt’s plant in 6th of October City since the inception. 
GM Egypt is proud of its Environmental & Safety track record.  The production facility is ISO 14000, 2004 certified, uses natural gas in all boilers and ovens, has implemented several programs to reduce waste, water usage, and increased recycling. The GM Egypt plant is a GM “Landfill Free” certified plant; it has received the Silver award for Environmental Sustainability from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for recognizing the waste reduction initiatives. Plant Safety comes as the highest business priority for GM Egypt.
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